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About Steve

When was the last time you learned a new skill, game, or word?

Dr. Steve Weingarden, founder of Innovators of Change, LLC, makes it a point to learn something new every day and delights in encouraging others to do the same. He firmly believes that learning is the basis of development. Learning leads to innovation, change, and improvement, both improvement of self and organizational improvement.

With a focus on managing organizational change, Steve uses creativity and innovation in his partnerships with organizations, providing professional consulting and expertise in areas of executive and leader coaching, organizational culture, and strategic employee communication, thereby helping the company achieve their organizational goals.

Key Question: How can Steve and Innovators help you manage organizational change and best meet your organizational goals?

Key Takeaway: Learning and imagination are essential to the path for change, and change is necessary for growth. Innovators of Change introduces you to new sources of learning and different perspectives, helping to create change.

Early in his career, Steve worked in the radio industry as a newscaster, producer, and sports talk show host. He now combines this media experience with corporate podcasting and organizational illustrations, providing a multimedia communications experience to his clients.

Sports metaphors also still find their way into his organizational development consulting work. The metaphors are applicable. In fact, coaching a softball team—something Steve also does—has a number of parallels to effective leadership in an organization. To begin with, communication is crucial for any team. Similarly, every team exudes a certain collective attitude, which could be thought of as its culture. To that end, Innovators of Change focuses especially on coaching, communication, and culture when helping organizations with (and through) change.

Steve earned his doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Wayne State University and, for nearly 25 years, has worked as both an external and internal organizational development consultant for a variety of for-profit and nonprofit companies.