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We're looking to work with you on the unconventional and the integrated side of people management and planned change.

Here is a summary of our core organizational change and leadership development services.

Coaching Programs

Custom coaching programs, including validated personality assessment with more-than-the-usual number of scales for interpretation. We work with the program leader to identify what to customize in the coaching program that will help align organizational leaders with your organizational leadership philosophy, and with best practices. We also like to tie the coaching in with our leadership development programs and some of our communications assessment offerings.

CEO Transition and Succession Management

Designed for a thoughtful transition resulting in increased CEO knowledge and skill. We focus on what a CEO does, especially from the leadership and organizational change perspectives. We’ll work with you to deliver a pre-transition report, a customized checklist, coaching, and exercises to guide you towards greatness.

Culture Surveys

Data that is validated and visual, these assessments provide a benchmark of how your organization measures up on key culture elements tied to business results. Where we drive even greater value is by going beyond the survey to offer our clients deeper-level interpretation of reports and consultation, as well as development and implementation help around organizational culture action planning.

Executive Podcasts

Private (internal) podcasts, professionally produced and edited, with the feel of a radio morning show. Don’t think of this podcast as your friend’s hobby podcast from the basement – which can also be cool. These podcasts are built from what we know about organizational change and provide a reinforcer (or alternative) to the written words around your culture and strategy, while building trust and communication across the organization. Yes, this is an outstanding organizational change resource. It’s also an opportunity to strengthen the professional speaking skills of your top executives and other leaders.

Big Picture Visuals

Are you trying to communicate the big picture to the people at your organization? Would an actual picture help? Our Big Picture illustration delivers a culture and strategy training tool that paints the picture of your organizational essence. And the follow-up opportunities for learning sessions and conversations – the ones you want your people to have – are plentiful. A great way to highlight where your organization is today, and the organizational changes needed for the future.