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Steve Fun Facts

(Mostly related to the workplace, leadership, and learning)

  • At one time, Steve could name the teams that won every baseball World Series from 1903 through 1997.
  • Steve was the captain of his high school quiz bowl team. Even back then, he was dedicated to learning and leading others.
  • When he worked at A&W in the late 1980s, Steve was considered “third-string” salad bar manager (unofficial title); he still makes an outstanding root beer float.
  • Steve’s early various jobs included golf caddy, youth league umpire, gas station clerk, and drugstore jack-of-all-trades.
  • A former oldies station DJ, Steve still has a Radio Shack SSM-100 Stereo Sound Mixer. Although it still works, some of the mixer switches and slides did not make the journey to present day.
  • Steve is regularly laughed at by his daughters, friends, and coworkers – sometimes his wife laughs at him, too. (And sometimes they laugh with him as well.)