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Challenge the status quo. We help CEOs at mid-sized organizations produce change on the people side.

Innovators of Change leverages the research and practice of industrial-organizational psychology and brings consulting experience from the world of large organizations to your organization. Our intent is to improve organizational effectiveness through development of your culture and your people.

Coaching, culture and communication. You bet they matter! To organizational results and to the opportunity for people to perform.

Here is what you risk by choosing not to manage change.


Video Length: 32 seconds

Nicole is starting at a new organization today! Karen is onboarding Nicole to the organizational culture. Nicole left this encounter confused about the values of the organization.


Video Length: 22 seconds

Marco has been promoted to CEO. He is eager to bring change to some parts of the organization that have been ineffective for several years. He shares the plans for one of his key initiatives with Karen, his Vice President of Innovation to get her feedback and suggestions for improvement.

“Crunch Time”

Video Length: 32 seconds

Marco is working with his coworker, Zema, on a presentation for an important meeting. He thought they were collaborating. Then he gets some unfortunate news.


Video Length: 48 seconds

Marco and Zema are having a conversation about organizational performance. They don’t seem to be on the same page when it comes to trust and communication. Like an office brain teaser, you may have to decide whether Marco is being insensitive or Zema is being dramatic.

About our leadership

When was the last time you learned a new skill, game, or word?

Dr. Steve Weingarden, founder of Innovators of Change, LLC, makes it a point to learn something new every day and delights in encouraging others to do the same. He firmly believes that learning is the basis of development. Learning leads to innovation, change, and improvement, both improvement of self and organizational improvement.

With a focus on managing organizational change, Steve uses creativity and innovation in his partnerships with organizations, providing professional consulting and expertise in areas of executive and leader coaching, organizational culture, and strategic employee communication, thereby helping the company achieve their organizational goals.

Our summary of services

Executive Coaching

Organizational Culture

Organizational Communication

Some comments by clients

They think about the aspects that no one else thinks of.

They’re reliable. They work with the client to find ways to get things done.

I’ve never seen anything before like [this.] It’s very different. Very innovative. I can see the value in it.

They are intelligent. They bring a fresh perspective.

There is value to having the coaching combined with the culture and the podcast and the leader development and the selection.

I learned a lot about how to measure culture, and to manage culture.

Real sell is that they have experience with larger organizations, and they come in with a fresh perspective.

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